A technical software package to prepare Performance Test Reports of Submersible Motors as per IS 9283
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    MTEST (Version 12.5)

Working Environment

: An IBM compatible computer/Laptop with Windows 2000/Windows 7 or higher with 32 bit or higher system and 1 GB or more RAM.



Main features


: Window based Menu driven and easy to use, stand alone installation.

Automatically incorporates the corrections for calibrated values of all test instruments.

Suitable for single-phase/three-phase.

Facility to correct any reading in its view Mode.

Facility to see the test report on screen before it is printed.

Maintains a date-wise record of all Motors tested.

The computations as per Loss segregation method (IS 9283).
    Cost : Rs. 10,000/-
    Single user License with 6 months of warranty for any bugs in the software. Free e-mail/telephone support to all users. Annual Maintenance Contract facility is extended to all customers at a nominal fee.

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