A technical software package to prepare Performance Test Reports of Regenerative Pumps as per IS 8472 :2019
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    PTEST (Version 15.0)

Working Environment

: An IBM compatible computer/Laptop with Windows 2000/Windows 7 or higher with 32 bit or higher system and 1 GB or more RAM

Main features

: Window based Menu driven and easy to use, stand alone installation.

Suitable for Gauge/Manometer/Sensor installation on Suction and Delivery side.

Automatically incorporates the corrections for calibrated values of Gauges/Meters and other instruments.

Compatible with all flow measurement devices.

Suitable for single-phase/three-phase.

Facility to correct or delete any reading in its view Mode.

Facility to see the test report on screen before it is printed.

Maintains a date-wise record of all the pumps tested.

The graph of performance curves is generated and can be viewed on the screen before taking the printed copy.

Facility (optional) to draw characteristics curves of more than one pump on the same graph to study the performance of modified pump.

The computations are based on the procedure as per IS 11346


  Cost : Rs.15,000/=


    Single user License with 6 months of warranty for any bugs in the software. Free e-mail/telephone support to all users. Annual Maintenance Contract facility is extended to all customers at a nominal fee.

For Inquiry Contact : info@agritechnology.com

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